Sunday, 26 September 2010

Couple of New Items & Product Updates at LISP Bazaar

Hi! Just a quick note to list a couple of small new items at LISP Bazaar:

* Autumn tree bookcase with a little acorn leaf, 10 prims including books.

* Brighton mod side table - 7 prims

* 3 x giant shells with various sits included to go on a beach.


Also, more importantly, I've updated around 20 objects in the shop, if you happen to spot something that has been updated and want the new copy, please send me the item and I will return to you a new version.


Lisp Bazaar and Art Dummy also have a brand new shop layout and decorations. It looked a bit of a mess before so we are happy with the improvements! It now has a minimal art deco coastal feel, designed to reduce lag.


In other news, the September issue of Avenue Magazine is now out and has a "Whiter Shade of Pale" segment in the inspirations section right at the very back. I'm proud to say I have a picture included into it.


Slurl to LISP Bazaar

Take care!


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