Sunday, 31 October 2010

Free Pumpkins at LISP Bazaar - Happy Halloween!


I've had these copyable pumpkins at 10L all week, I've now set them to free.

Tis my birthday as well today, Happy Halloween!

Woke up to find that Hamlet from New World Notes has reposted my first ever SL Machinima, "Tale From Midnight City" from April 2007 for Halloween! What a blast from the past it looks ancient, I still really miss that wonderful noir Sim built by Aimee Weber. If you are in the mood to watch something a little creepy:

Watch Here

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Take care!


Saturday, 30 October 2010

steamer Trunks New at LISP Bazaar


From the nostalgic days of steam travel, we have some vintage steamer trunks from LISP Bazaar for the Spruce up your Space weekend.

Whether fresh from travelling on the Orient Express or an ocean liner, these steamer trunks come with the following features:

*2 sets available: blue suede with salmon straps or natural suede and include:

*Floor trunk - comes with 8 animated sits.

*Open Vanity trunk comes with little drawers and coathanger rack.

*2 perfume bottles.

Each set is priced at 150L for SUYS this weekend only, offer ends midnight Sunday SLT. Normal prices after that.

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Take care!


Thursday, 28 October 2010

Halloween at LISP Bazaar


I've just added a little foxglove bottle with a small animated flutter moth on the top to the Danse Macabre set at LISP Bazaar for Halloween.

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Take care!


Monday, 25 October 2010

Horrorfest Inspired Machinima Part 2 - LISP Bazaar

Horrorfest is still going well, this is your last week to pick up all the fantastic items on sale with a variety of 100 stalls, all specialising in Halloween and gothic items.

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I was inspired to make this little machinima after seeing the Voodoo Tiny Dolls from Casadelshai last year in 2009. I'm sure they must still be for sale this year too. They are so cute, I love them! This was also made in about 4 hours flat, as you probably can tell by the crappy editing! :D

Sunday, 24 October 2010

New Beatrice Set at LISP Bazaar Part 2

Hi! This is the 2nd part of the Beatrice set eclectic mixed bag of Art Nouveau/Art Deco inspired furniture.

Items include:

* Glass mirror with worn forest hall stand and plant decor

* Beatrice Bureau in rosewood with deco metal elements.

* Copyable Heavy velvet drapes with a texture change menu in russet/olive/brown and green shades. Comes with a peacock design motif and wrought iron pole.

* Peacock Hanging with rustic frame.

* French wrought iron side table with an ornate glass top and curved legs.

* Nouveau glass lamp with a touch on/off light feature.

The main elements in this set, the rug, drapes, chair and sofa are all texture change in russet/olive/brown and green shades so they can be mixed and matched together.

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Take care!


Saturday, 23 October 2010

Beatrice in the Woods Set New at LISP Bazaar


With this new set I've mixed together the nature aspects/curves of Art Nouveau with some elements of French Art Deco to create an eclectic mashup of styles in autumn shades. The house of Beatrice was abandoned in the woods in the 1930's, leaving the forest to take back the house, so the set is a little shabby.

New items include:

* Acorn and wrought iron chandelier with deco metals and leave motifs. Touch on/off light.

* Forest floor lamp with leaf and vintage print shade.

* Art Deco Chair and Sofa - Each come with a texture change menu in olive/russet/brown and green. Peacock cushions.

*Vintage Nouveau rug also in the texture change colours of olive/russet/brown and green.

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Take care!


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Horrorfest Inspired Machinima - Part 1

Horrorfest is still going strong, it now has a feature in the destination guide for SL.

If you haven't visited already, it is a Halloween event with vendors each putting out a charity item to help raise funds for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

I will leave you with a Horrorfest Machinima created by my favourite ever SL Machinimist, Oleetzel, otherwise known as Mrs Bones. Yaaaar.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Horrorfest with LISP Bazaar

Hi! We are coming up to the second week now of Horrorfest

There is a themed Sim dedicated to this event, which is to raise funds for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, a charity set up after Sophie was stabbed to death for the way she looked. The charity aims to stamp out prejudice and intolerance.

There are tons of fund raising events happening over the course of Horrorfest, including hunts, dances and auctions. The event runs from 15 October to 31 October. There are also nearly 100 stalls with everything you could possibly want for Halloween. It really is a one stop shop!

Above is shown the LISP contribution, which is a hangman's branch with shrunken skulls. 13 prims and moddable. I've priced this at 100L. This is only available from Horrorfest on Floyd, part of the Starlust Islands. The Sim is split into quarters, you can find LISP on the Isle of the Dolls.

Slurl to Horrorfest


Sunday, 17 October 2010

10L - Big Box of Fancy Pumpkins at LISP Bazaar

Hi guys!

I've snuck out a huge box of copyable (no trans) fancy pumpkins for 10L the box. They come in a range of colours from the classic orange all the way through to purple, blue, pink, and green shades.

Also don't forget it's the last day you can pick up the Fall Festival set for Project Themeory for 75L too!

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Take care!


Saturday, 16 October 2010

75L Project Themeory Fall Set at LISP Bazaar

Hi guys!

Huge Harvest Festival/Fall Set for Project Themeory this week at LISP Bazaar.

Set includes:

* Pumpkin Bench

* 2 carved fancy wooden pumpkins holding candles, which light up the inside with a warm orange glow.

* Harvest box with pumpkins, apples and squash.

* Piles of leaves and singular sculpted leaves for decoration, copyable. Various colours included.

* Autumn maple leaf garland, 2 types included, copyable. Hang these around doors, windows and mirrors to add a warm autumn touch.

* Acorn and Maple wreath.

* Pumpkin Mirror wreath.

Project Themeory runs from Friday 12pm SLT to Sunday 12pm SLT, come and grab the 75L while it is on offer, after Monday it will go up to the regular price!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Take care!


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Danse Macabre Part 2 at LISP Bazaar

Hello! This is the second part of the danse macabre (dance of death) set from LISP Bazaar. Includes:

*Gothic Byron chaise in slate blue/olive or ruby. 15 prims, 9 sits.

*Glass victorian poison bottles in sugar of lead, mercury tincture, Belladonna etc.

*Femur bone telephone.

*Tombstones, vigil candles and gothic wall hangings.

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Take care!


Saturday, 9 October 2010

Danse Macabre New at LISP Bazaar

Hi! Lots of newness at LISP Bazaar this weekend inspired by the danse macabre especially for Halloween. I've specifically created items that are not festival themed so you can use these items all year round for roleplaying, vampire lairs or bohemian gothic settings. Items include:

*Temptation Plaque with a sculpted outstretched hand holding a tempting apple in a classic gothic frame.

*Into the Dark Plaque with a hand holding gingerly onto a candle with touch on/off features in a gothic frame.

*Shakespeare Heart Plant - with heart animation and "Be Still My Beating Heart" quote on the shadow detail.

*Couple of vintage glass cloche jars holding antique books, bird skulls, spider and dried roses/thorns.

*Heart Masacre with "because I love you" scrawled in blood with a broken heart.

*Giant picture frame depicting a dark forest scene, texture change of blue noir or sepia.

*Tabletop skulls, one with a "smoking is good for you" design with smoking pipe, grin and bowler hat.

*Distressed "Rest in Peace" sign to hang over fireplaces.

*Liquid Mirror with a sculpted avatar climbing through the mirror.

Slurl to LISP Bazaar

I will leave you with my machinima that inspired this set, The Dumb Man by Sherwood Anderson.

Take care!


Sunday, 3 October 2010

SL House & Garden Sim Opening at Mystical Beach


Really quick note to mention the opening of the new premier shopping Sim, SL House and Garden. Mystical Beach is owned/created by the lovely Jenna Loire, and designed and built by the very talented pitch Parx.

LISP Bazaar has a little satellite store overlooking the ocean with an eclectic selection of items from our main shop.

*Art Dummy! also has a cute stall there in the market area.

There is a cafe area, function room, and interior design trends room too! It is a wonderful atmospheric place to shop for unique items and hang out.

Also, this is the very last week for The Seasons Hunt. There are so many amazing gifts being given out, here is a reminder of what you can pick up for free at our main shop location: