Saturday, 9 October 2010

Danse Macabre New at LISP Bazaar

Hi! Lots of newness at LISP Bazaar this weekend inspired by the danse macabre especially for Halloween. I've specifically created items that are not festival themed so you can use these items all year round for roleplaying, vampire lairs or bohemian gothic settings. Items include:

*Temptation Plaque with a sculpted outstretched hand holding a tempting apple in a classic gothic frame.

*Into the Dark Plaque with a hand holding gingerly onto a candle with touch on/off features in a gothic frame.

*Shakespeare Heart Plant - with heart animation and "Be Still My Beating Heart" quote on the shadow detail.

*Couple of vintage glass cloche jars holding antique books, bird skulls, spider and dried roses/thorns.

*Heart Masacre with "because I love you" scrawled in blood with a broken heart.

*Giant picture frame depicting a dark forest scene, texture change of blue noir or sepia.

*Tabletop skulls, one with a "smoking is good for you" design with smoking pipe, grin and bowler hat.

*Distressed "Rest in Peace" sign to hang over fireplaces.

*Liquid Mirror with a sculpted avatar climbing through the mirror.

Slurl to LISP Bazaar

I will leave you with my machinima that inspired this set, The Dumb Man by Sherwood Anderson.

Take care!


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