Sunday, 30 October 2011

Shepherd's Rest at LISP for Spruce


I've got a new set out at LISP for Spruce up Your Place, it is split into 3 little mini sets and comprises:

*Sofa bed - 13 prims, seating for 2 avatars (sit on the flat cushions) comes with 9 different sits each

*Burlap basket with logs - 5 prims

*Coffee table with cloth - 6 prims

*1 cup with pinecone/1 cup with candle - 4 prims each

*Box of eggs - 5 prims

*Side table with texture change (5 different styles of wood light to dark) 5 prims

*Glass bottle lamp with touch on/off light - 5 prims

*Bookcase with books/decor - 9 prims texture change (same as side table but also having 5 different lined backs to choose from)

*Empty bookcase - 3 prims (texture change and with the lined back options)

*Steps - 2 prims with texture change for the woods


*4 pictures, some with pinecones and tree prints, 3 prims/3prims/5 prims and 4 prims

The set can be purchased at our

shop on the Marketplace

or as always at our inworld shop

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thanks and have a good one!


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Danse Macabre Halloween at LISP


Little set for Halloween, many texture change options, stools with props.

Items can be bought online at our

shop on the marketplace

or our inworld shop

tp to LISP Bazaar

thanks and have a good one!


Friday, 21 October 2011

New at LISP Bazaar - FLF


New at LISP for FLF this Friday, a postal corner, nick-nack cabinet with decor, and a postal fan. Both are texture change (woods, back panel, metals etc). The cabinet is low prims, 8 prims with the key and tag decor, and the fan is 5 prims. Boxes are 2 prims, letters 4 prims. I've also got a matching console (tex change) and crate (not shown on pics).

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Have a good one!


Sunday, 9 October 2011

New at LISP Bazaar

Hi! I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

New at LISP are 4 sets for the Collabor88 project (stools, lamps, sideboard, prints/rug). Stools come with props (book, magazine, guitar,laptop) and several sits for males and females. These are at the Collab location at Tails

Tp to Collabor88

I've also snuck out a little freebie set at the LISP store, it's right next to the umbrella boat in the main foyer, some autumn leaves and prints.

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Thanks and have a good one!