Sunday, 30 October 2011

Shepherd's Rest at LISP for Spruce


I've got a new set out at LISP for Spruce up Your Place, it is split into 3 little mini sets and comprises:

*Sofa bed - 13 prims, seating for 2 avatars (sit on the flat cushions) comes with 9 different sits each

*Burlap basket with logs - 5 prims

*Coffee table with cloth - 6 prims

*1 cup with pinecone/1 cup with candle - 4 prims each

*Box of eggs - 5 prims

*Side table with texture change (5 different styles of wood light to dark) 5 prims

*Glass bottle lamp with touch on/off light - 5 prims

*Bookcase with books/decor - 9 prims texture change (same as side table but also having 5 different lined backs to choose from)

*Empty bookcase - 3 prims (texture change and with the lined back options)

*Steps - 2 prims with texture change for the woods


*4 pictures, some with pinecones and tree prints, 3 prims/3prims/5 prims and 4 prims

The set can be purchased at our

shop on the Marketplace

or as always at our inworld shop

tp to LISP Bazaar

thanks and have a good one!


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