Saturday, 23 October 2010

Beatrice in the Woods Set New at LISP Bazaar


With this new set I've mixed together the nature aspects/curves of Art Nouveau with some elements of French Art Deco to create an eclectic mashup of styles in autumn shades. The house of Beatrice was abandoned in the woods in the 1930's, leaving the forest to take back the house, so the set is a little shabby.

New items include:

* Acorn and wrought iron chandelier with deco metals and leave motifs. Touch on/off light.

* Forest floor lamp with leaf and vintage print shade.

* Art Deco Chair and Sofa - Each come with a texture change menu in olive/russet/brown and green. Peacock cushions.

*Vintage Nouveau rug also in the texture change colours of olive/russet/brown and green.

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