Saturday, 19 February 2011

Set 1 - Spruce up Your Place at LISP Bazaar


Once again I've made too much stuff for Spruce up Your Place, so have split them into 2 sets.

Set 1 includes:

*Rocking chair with 8 animations. Includes 2 sewing animation and 1 knitting animation.

Chair gives out knitting and sewing equipment as shown on the pictures, to anyone who clicks the blanket.

14 prims. No mod, copy ok.

*Table with cloth. Mod ok. Copy ok.

*Basket with knitting equipment. 7 prims. Mod & copy ok.

*1 single candle in pot. 3 prims. Copy & Mod ok.

*Rug - 1 prim. Copy and Mod ok.

Items can be purchased online at:

our Marketplace shop

or as always, in-world at:

Slurl to LISP Bazaar



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