Thursday, 7 April 2011

LISP Bazaar Hunt & New Location

The daybed
Pic by Ramona Forcella (Linked to from Flkr)

Pic by *C and j* (linked from Flkr)

New LISP Location
Pic by Moti (linked from Flkr)


Quick reminder to say that we are into our last week of the mini Cloudbusting hunt on the new LISP Sim, don't forget to grab the items before they vanish or go up to full price.

"Professor Lisp is preparing to build a cloudbusting machine, but he is not getting very far. He is in need of as many clouds as he can get his hands on. Can you help him in his quest by collecting the clouds?"

(click the hunt notice in the shop entrance to start!).


New LISP Location

Pics by Moti Moody (linked through Flkr)

New LISP Location

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