Sunday, 28 August 2011

Open Day Freebies at LISP Bazaar

Hellooooo! I've finally finished the most boring job in the whole virtual world, planning/building a new LISP Bazaar shop. I've still got a few things left to put out/revamp but basically it is now up and running! I've tried to make it very open to the virtual outdoors, making it light and airy with a very neutral backdrop, and with a ton of space to expand the themes outwards.

Because LISP stuff is varied in style, grouping things into "bedroom", "dining", "living room" didn't really work, I've instead made eclectic themed rooms ranging from urban grunge, through to gothic, and surreal. I've also anti eclectic, more matching sets in coastal, cute brights, contemporary, french country etc.

The theory goes that if you, for example, like dark themes you can tp right to that room (via the telephone box teleporters dotted about the sim) and if you really can't stand maudlin emo themes you can just walk right past without being bothered by it.

I would love to know if you have any thoughts on this, whether the layout works or doesn't for you!

To celebrate the opening of the new shop I've set out some freebies (they are located around the store (not in the entrance) the chairs are in the garden).

*Set of 5 butterfly chairs - these have new textures, sits, dispense items to use

*Rainy Days frame (has a raining animation overlaid)

*Set of 3 candles/sticks

tp to LISP Bazaar

Have a good one!


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