Friday, 30 September 2011

New at LISP Bazaar


I had this Acorn set out for FLF on Friday, I've still got it up as a weekend special in a boxed set. Set comprises:

Chairs - Texture change chairs (4 options as shown on the attached pics)

- No arms version (4 prims)
- Arm version (5 prims)
- No arm and arm versions with a wooly hat (6 and 7 prims)

Copyable chairs come with dispensing props (pencil, hot chocolate to drink, spoon to use with pie)

Chairs have several sits including eating, drinking, writing, sitting, etc.

Cottage patchwork table - 4 prims

Drapes (texture change to match the chairs) 3 prims

3 types of rug - 1 prim each

Decor including pie (4 prims) hot chocolate (4 prims) and bottle candles (5 prims)

Sets can be bought from

our shop on the Marketplace

or as always inworld

tp to LISP Bazaar



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