Sunday, 12 February 2012

Collabor88 Feb & Tits Up - LISP Bazaar


It's time for Collabor88 again and the theme this month is classic novels. The LISP theme of 1984 meets Clockwork Orange unfortunately went tits up when the computer died, taking work (and me Skyrim file waaa) with it. However, we have out a classic telly which plays the public domain version of 1984 as well as other classics from the Youtube film channel. The set has quite a "Madmen" feel to it I think?

More info:

Vintage tv comes in 10 colour options. Dispenses popcorn to eat. 7 single interact with tv/watch anims with 9&9 sits for friends (seats 2). On/off switch and channel changer plays 6 machinima clips. Also included is a Youtube tv, which plays 7 vintage movies (via Youtube's film channel) and has the option to play any film or clip of choice.

Sofa & chair come with 7 colour options and 12 cushion options, rug and drapes have several texture options.

All items are 88L only at Collabor88 Feb


Tp to Collabor88

Have a good one


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