Sunday, 19 June 2011

Flying Skylark Benches New at LISP Bazaar


New benches at LISP for SBS, still got them out in the store

*Texture change of 6 different colours on the legs and seat, mix and match.

*3 cuddles (PG) and 3 singles & friends sits (synch with another avi if they are sat on the bench too).

*Reading a paper animation (bench dispenses a paper for anyone to use)

*Flying in the air anims (2 different ones) as soon on the video below

*Copyable and moddable (the scripts are no mod) 6 prims a bench.

*Comes with decor of a beach oar - 2 prims and a "gone fishing" sign with sculpted fish or a package, bowler hat, apple and umbrella.

Items can be purchased online at our

shop on the Marketplace

or as always inworld at the

tp to LISP Bazaar



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