Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Snuggle Chairs at LISP Bazaar


Snuggle chairs are slightly oversized chairs with room for 2 people.

Chairs come with 3 synched sits for chit chatting with friends. They also come with 3 PG cuddles for snuggling with a loved one. Solo sits are included too, 4 sitting and lounging. There are male and female drink anims and using a laptop, useful for bloggers and writers.

The chair dispenses mugs of steaming coffee for use with the drinking anims for anyone who touches it.

The laptop is for the owner only, and is copyable, but there are 3 transferable laptops to give to friends or family so they can use the typing feature.

The friend sits can be used solo, giving an extra 6 sits.

Chairs are copyable and moddable and 15 prims each.

Texture change cushions as shown on the pic.

We have 10 versions of this chair, not all are shown above.

You can purchase these chairs half price this week, online

at our shop on the Marketplace

or as always inworld

tp to LISP Bazaar



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