Saturday, 17 December 2011

Chocolate Teddy Cups & Vintage Flasks at LISP Bazaar


This set is inspired by a holiday I went on to China a few years ago. Every hotel I visited there would be a huge (giant sized) flask of hot water waiting to make green tea with in the room. I loved the shine on the flasks and the different designs! (and of course the tea!). The LISP flasks are 4 prims each and come in 5 different shades (lemon, blue, pink, silver and green).

They also come with some chocolate choux teddy cups (also in the 5 different colours).

I've put them in a little set for 50L and can be bought online at:

Shop on the marketplace

or as always inworld at

tp to LISP Bazaar

Have a good one!


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