Saturday, 10 December 2011

Woodburning Stoves at LISP Bazaar for Collabor88

Ooo hey! I've got some woodburning stoves out for Collabor88 this December.

They come with 3 sets of cuddles, warming hands (standing and sitting), drinking hot chocolate, stoking the fire etc. Props are included in the bottom drawer.

The door itself opens and closes at touch, and the fire and effects can be adjusted or turned on/off with a menu.

The stoves come in 5 different colour options, there is a very smooth new looking cast iron (my fave one) and some bashed up effects in noir, grey, copper and white.

They come moddable so you can change the chimney length (and also come with 3 different lengths of chimney per colour option).

They can be grabbed this month at the Collabor88 event, which is double in size with the beautiful Prom Date building right across from the other Collabor88 building. It looks more gorgeous than usual this month with the decorations and design by Drinkenstein!

Tp to Collabor88

Thanks and have a good one!


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