Saturday, 24 March 2012

Spruce up Your Place - LISP Bazaar


I've got 3 new beds out for Spruce up Your place this weekend:

The beds are 5 prims, and copyable/moddable (but the scripts are no mod).

They come with:

*8 cute single sits/lays

*plus props with anims:

*Eat x 2 female with breakfast tray (tray is 12 prims)
*Eat x 2 male with breakfast tray
*1 x reading a magazine (magazine is 2 prims)
*1 x reading a book (book is 2 prims)
*1 x using a laptop (laptop is 3 prims)

*plus 9 x cute PG cuddles

*plus 6 x friends sits for 2 avis, including jumping on the bed, 3 of the sits are synched.

Buy on the Marketplace

or pop in-world

tp to LISP Bazaar



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