Saturday, 3 March 2012

Woodburning Stoves - LISP Bazaar

Hi, hope you are having a lovely weekend!

I've managed to get some more LISP items up on the Marketplace this week, including the woodburning stoves. I've had a few requests for them and I have only just managed to get them up and running again, so I thought I would put them out for half price for this week only, then I'll stick them back up at full price after that.


The door opens and closes (doesn't swing back unless pressed so it can be kept fully open).

The fire itself has an extensive menu of burn/extenguish/glow/smoke/sparks/sound/smoulder etc as well as an access list.

The drawer dispenses props for anyone, including a stoking poker, a marshmallow on a stick, and a mug of hot chocolate. These are to the use with the animations.

Animations include single warming by the fire anims as well as couples warming cuddles. There are also stoking fire, roasting marshmallows and drinking anims included.

The stove is 12 prims and is copy/mod but the scripts are no mod.

Also included is a decor pack of 2 kettles (blue and red) and 2 hot chocolate mugs (blue and red). Kettle is 6 prims, mugs are 5 prims.

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Have a good one and role on spring!


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