Saturday, 6 November 2010

Feathers & Chalk Part 1 - New Set at LISP Bazaar


New things at LISP Bazaar this weekend. The set is inspired by fluffy feathers, eggs and tea.

Shown in the pics are:

* Large floor chalkboard with a string of pictures and a floor print. Copyable so you can drag and drop your own artwork onto it. 14 prims.

* Suede suitcase trunk sidetable. 7 prims.

* Wooden robin on egg sculpt.

* Wooden bark vase with feathers decor.

* Bird chair - comes with 3 cushion types; owl, fluffy feathers, tawny feathers. Texture change menu for 7 colour chairs including beige, pink, blue, rust, grass, plum and lemon. Includes 8 animated sits. 9 prims.

We are selling on the Marketplace/Xstreet

As well as in-world at:

Slurl to LISP Bazaar

Take care!


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