Sunday, 7 November 2010

Feathers & Chalk Set Part 2 (LISP Bazaar)


Part 2 of the Feathers and Chalk set.

**UPDATED PRODUCT** I made a right balls of the chirp chalk board yesterday, leaving a temp texture on it, duh. I think I've sent everyone an updated version but if you have not received one from me, please let me know in-world and I can send you one!

Also on that product I've added 5 texture change chalk messeages, including:

* plain
* "you are my sunshine" (with a little sun)
* "Live, love, laugh"
* "chirp-chirp"
* hand drawn hearts

Items pictured above include:

- Chirp cabinet with all the decor including books, mirror, bark vase, print and 8 ball. Chalk back board and contemporary wood used. 20 prims.

- Feather floor pillows in fluffy and tawny, come with 6 animated floor sits. 2 prims each.

- Feather rugs in beige and rust, tintable, 1 prim each.

- Owl book with feather decor.

- Pile of books with steaming coffee mug.

- Tiled tray with donut, cupcake and steaming coffee.

We are selling on the Marketplace/Xstreet

As well as in-world at:

Slurl to LISP Bazaar

Take care!


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