Sunday, 21 November 2010

Last Day for Machinima Expo

Last little plug for Machinima Expo

Picks for today are the "Writing and Adapting Scripts for Machinima" forum at 2.30pm SLT. Todd Stallkamp is one of the speakers at this event, who creates the machinima for Sims2/3 franchaise at EA. Although it is fairly easy to get paid machinima work from gaming companies and freelance in machinima (should you actually want to go that route ;)), I would say Todd is probably unique in the amount of creative freedom he gets in this field. Should be a very interesting discussion anyway!

Last pick is the after party event at Hatheads. Hathead is one of the most famous and talented musicians inside SL today. Party kicks off at 4pm SLT.

Machinima Expo Portal

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