Saturday, 5 March 2011

Mathilde Living Room at LISP Bazaar


New at LISP Bazaar this weekend is the Mathilde Living Room. Set includes:

*Sofa - comes with 30 different sits for 3 single avis or 11 cuddles for a couple. Also gives out tea/coffee for use with the drinking anims.

*Coffee table - comes with 12 sits including 2 reading and 1 drinking. Gives out cups of tea/coffee and a book to read.

*Little cups of steaming coffee cup decor and newspapers.

*Fireplace - comes with 5 sits including 2 warm hands, 1 poke fireplace and 2 cuddles by the fire. Fireplace gives out poker stick for use with the anims. The fire itself can be lit/extinguished and all the sparks, crackles, sound, glow and smoke can be changed via an easy to use menu.

Everything in this set matches the Mathilde range of LISP furniture and is copyable.

Items can be purchased online at:

our online shop

or as always, in-world at:

Slurl to LISP Bazaar



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