Sunday, 20 March 2011

Prim Perfect March Issue - LISP Bazaar


The March Issue of Prim Perfect Magazine has just been released. It features a wonderful set of Irish Sims in Second Life, run by Derric and Jules. The islands are very authentic in feel, and if you are looking for something to do, it makes for a lovely Sunday virtual outing.

LISP Bazaar also has a cottage decorated there for March, as part of "Designer of the Month" at Prim Perfect, we had a lot of fun decorating it! Also included in the magazine this month is Dutchie/Froukje who decorated a Linden Home, and Urbanized/Pitsch Parx with a thoughtful post on shabby chic.

Visit virtual Ireland

LISP would like to thank everyone at Prim Perfect for giving us the opportunity to take part in Prim Perfect, we had a lovely time!

LISP would also like to thank Opulent magazine for interviewing us last month too, also great fun! Apologies, forgot to blog, duh!

Visit us at LISP Bazaar


Have a good one!


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