Saturday, 19 March 2011

Pouf-O-Rama at LISP Bazaar for Spruce Up Your P

4 new sets for Spruce up Your Place at LISP Bazaar this weekend: Hoof and tooth (houndstooth and deer antler), yurt (fur and leather), iced fondants (brights and knits) and beach pebbles.

Each box comes with 10 x copyable poufs in a range of matching designs. The activity poufs come with 12 x female sits, 12 x male sits, as well as 4 laptop sits (laptop included), 2 x drinking anims, 3 x reading anims, 1 dance, 1 jumping up and down, a total of 36 different quality animations per poof.

Stools also give out tea/coffee and books to anyone who touches them.

Poufs are 2 prims each, and copyable.

Each set also comes with a tray with coffee, flowers decor and shells (pebble set), elk skull (yurt set), newspaper (hoof and tooth set) and cakes (fondant set). Also comes with a laptop and matching rug.

These are all on special offer for Spruce up Your Place this weekend.

Items can be purchased online at:

our shop on the Marketplace

or as always, in-world at:

Slurl to LISP Bazaar



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