Friday, 20 May 2011

Asylum Chairs - New at LISP Bazaar


I've been listening to the Sucker Punch soundtrack all week, and these new Asylum chairs are inspired by the music.

The chairs comprise:

*The lobotomy chair, complete with hammer and knife decor items

*The Phrenology chair, with pins in the emotional areas at the back of the head on the chair

*Raven - Poe inspired, complete with 2 ravens

*Bat - vampire inspired, comes with a bat hanging under the chair

*Octo - Lovecraft inspired with hanging tentacles

Each chair is copy/mod and come with desk (read, sleep, type, feet up & write) anims, dining (eat, drink in male & female) and 4 solo sits to use the chair without a table.

By touching the front of the chair leg, it dispenses a pencil, a croissant and a mug of coffee to anyone who touches it, for use with the anims in the chair.

Chairs are texture change(come in sepia and black and white versions).

These can be purchased online at our

shop on the marketplace

or as always inworld at

tp to LISP Bazaar

I'll leave you with one of the songs from the soundtrack

and the original



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