Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sweethearts & Rogues Themeory Sets - LISP Bazaar


Forgot to blog the Themeory items this week >.<

The jacks and bunting are themed for the Royal Wedding. It's the story of love, for the sweethearts and the rogues :D

The sofas seat 2 and have 10 different sits (5 each avi), plus 2 drink anims, plus a jump anim. Also includes several PG cuddles. 14 prims. Copyable.

The sofa gives out steaming coffee for use with the sit anims.

There is an add-on pack of 2 copyable floor cushions and bunting too.

Items can be purchased in-world

tp to LISP Bazaar

and as always on the Marketplace

at our online store

(I've stuck the Themeory sofas together with the add-on packs on the Market to save listing out all versions on there, they Themeory only version is available inworld).



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