Saturday, 21 May 2011

Let them eat Cake - LISP Bazaar


2 new sets for Super Bargain Saturday at LISP - Set 1 is a texture change copyable/moddable chair and table, set 2 is a big cake and 3 cake related pics (nom,nom,nom, let them eat cake and cutie pie). Priced at 60L each.

The chair comes with desk (read, sleep, type, feet up & write) anims, dining (eat, drink in male & female) and 4 solo sits to use the chair without a table.

By touching the front of the chair leg, it dispenses a pencil, a croissant and a mug of coffee to anyone who touches it, for use with the anims in the chair.

The other set is a postal delivery arrangement of chair, table, Vase of flowers and strewn letters.

Items can be purchased online at our

shop on the marketplace

or as always inworld

tp to LISP Bazaar



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